About the Photographer:


Tony Mc Donnell is an Irish photographer based in Dundalk, County Louth. His work in photography extends over a period of more than twenty years. He is a  photographer whose keen eye for composition and creative use of light has produced a body of work of exceptional artistic merit.  His work has achieved numerous awards and distinctions both in Ireland and internationally. He has exhibited in Ireland, U.K., France, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg and Andorra. 

"Moore Street Lady"
Awarded a Salon Medal at the London Salon of Photography 2004

A feature of his work is the great diversity that it displays. This is reflected in the range of subject matter covered, and also in the medium chosen to output it. He works in both colour and monochrome, seeming to know instinctively which medium will portray the subject to best advantage.

The  variety in his work affords a great deal of choice to collectors.

Whatever words may be written about the photographer, the photographs must speak for themselves.  If you have not already done so, please take the time to view the galleries and discover what the photographs have to say to you. 

Enjoy your visit.

"The Lighthouse"
Winner of the Landscape Prize
Trierenberg Supercircuit 2005


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